YouTuber Nas Daily starts a body transformation journey; know his fitness and diet plan

Health and fitness challenges are increasingly gaining popularity among celebrities, influencers and content creators. Recently, popular YouTuber MrBeast shared his incredible physical transformation on social media, after a committed routine of working out regularly.
Now, famous YouTuber and content creator Nas Daily (real name Nuseir Yassin), who is popular for creating one-minute-long videos daily, has embarked on a 6 months-long fitness challenge.He is being trained by Jitendra Chouksey, founder of Fittr, a leading global fitness community.
Nas Daily is currently 31 years old and his height is 5 ’11. He has body fat of 20% and the plan is to get him below 10%.

What are Nas Daily’s goals at the end of 6 months?

Jitendra Chouksey (better known as JC) shared Nas Daily’s goals exclusively with Etimes Lifestyle:

  • He wants to feel athletic and energetic
  • He wants to feel strong
  • He wants to build a lifestyle that he can sustain while not giving up on adventures
  • His goal is not to be shredded but become healthier and make it a lifestyle

Calorie intake

Nuseir’s maintenance calories right now is around 2300-2400 calories. He will eventually go down to 1800-2000 calories per day.

Biggest challenge

Nuseir relies on packaged food as he travels most of the time. He is learning how to understand food labels, micros, macros and his focus is to get 150 gms of protein everyday.

Intense workout plan

Nas Daily is being trained everyday via Zoom. He is following full body circuits every day and tracking his recovery online. High intensity circuit in his plan includes:

  • 200 Jump Squats
  • 200 Pushups in 4 sets
  • 5 sets of Pull-ups, totaling up to 70-80 Pull-ups
  • Stiff Leg Deadlift
  • Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlift
  • Abs exercise (100 leg raises and 100 Russian twists)

“We are largely following this schedule but it will vary a bit sometimes. But for the first 1-2 months this is going to be the schedule, then we will add on something,” JC shared. He added that this workout circuit can be done “anywhere and just needs 45 minutes to complete.”

Healthy diet plan

Nas Daily is a vegetarian and so “primarily protein comes from protein water that he gets in Dubai” along with “protein bars, eggs, and beans.” He also takes “1 scoop of whey protein” as a supplement.
He consumes “150 gms of protein” and the rest of his calories come from carbs and fats. Plus, he now consumes “300 gms of veggies.”

Planning for the long run

Everything is planned in a way that he might not have access to the gym or home-cooked food, yet he can still manage his diet, remain athletic and get stronger. The goal is to embrace a healthier lifestyle that can be utilized for a lifetime. Nas Daily’s followers are excited to see his fitness transformation over the next 6 months.


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