Selena Gomez’ mental health platform Wondermind offers practical daily tips

Selena Gomez, alongside her mother and producer Mandy Teefy, and Newsette co-founder Daniella Pierson, has launched an online platform to help people care for their mental health.

First announced in November and launched this week, Wondermind is a “mental health ecosystem” that has initially taken shape as a website and free daily newsletter — the co-founders have called this first phase Drop #1. Podcasts and other physical mental fitness tools are set to come in the future.

“With honest conversations and expert advice, this is your roadmap for overcoming stigma, shifting your mindset, and feeling supported,” reads the website.

A screenshot of the graphic in the Wondermind newsletter, with the words 'Welcome to the world of Wondermind'.

A peek at the Wondermind newsletter.
Credit: Screenshot / Wondermind.

So far, the first Wondermind newsletters have featured practical mindfulness tips, explanations of jargon related to mental heath like “catastrophizing,” and interviews with the founding team and health experts. In the introductory email, the co-founders write about the ambitions for the platform and what they’ll be presenting readers with.

“Wondermind is where you’ll build your mental fitness routine through exclusive, honest conversations with people you’ve definitely heard of (and some you maybe haven’t heard of…yet), mindset-shifting advice from experts, and essays that will make you feel seen and heard. Less jargon—more meaningful, relatable stuff you can actually use.”

The platform leans on the phrase “mental fitness” which a few other mental health-focused apps have done in recent years, too — Headspace refers to itself as a “gym membership for your mind.” Wondermind frames looking after your emotional wellbeing as a daily routine, a practice, to better understand and help the mind and enforce growth.


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This isn’t the first time Gomez has entered the mental health space. With her Rare Impact Fund (a facet of her brand Rare Beauty), Gomez has pledged to raise $100 million over the net decade to provide people with access to the resources required to support their mental health.

It’s early days yet, but it seems with Wondermind, Gomez and her co-founders are aiming to delve deeper into this sphere.

In an interview with Wondermind co-founder Daniella Pierson, Gomez spoke abut the platform, her mental health, and the stigma surrounding mental health.

“I know people can overthink sometimes and I’m one of those people—raising my hand—because I do overthink situations. But sometimes taking a step back and just looking at it from afar and thinking, OK, from the grand scheme of things, where am I? Am I happy? Am I genuinely fine when people ask me?”

“When moments come up, or there are triggers that come up, I feel more comfortable to take action in doing the things that are necessary for me to feel safe, to feel heard, and to feel loved no matter what state I’m in. I think that takes a lot of time and I’m nowhere near perfect, but I’m really happy,” she said.


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