Scheurer Health community fitness program for strength and toning

Scheurer Health is trying to get the community into shape with its fall “Scheurer Shape Up” challenge, which focuses on toning up and building strength.

The classes will be running for eight weeks and include workouts ranging from yoga to kickboxing. Pre-assessments are being run through Sept. 18 which participants will do simple tasks to evaluate themselves before classes. 

“We do body measurements like height, weight, and (body mass index),” said Alex Truance, program coordinator. “We also measure things like the chest and biceps. When you are building strength you don’t tend to see a change in weight as muscle weighs more than fat. You see a loss of inches instead of on the scale.” 

The pre-assessment will also see how each participant’s heart rate sits at resting and after some minor activity.

Truance took over running the fitness program just over a year ago and the “Scheurer Shape Up” is the third challenge they held this year. The previous fitness programs that they ran this year focused on losing weight and getting active and outside for the summer.

“I see a lot of benefits for these classes,” said Truance. “You get to meet new people and go to classes with friends. They build up a community and they actually hold each other accountable.”

Full access to the program costs $100 and gets you access to all the classes being held throughout the eight weeks along with the pre and post-assessments, presentations, and a $10 membership to Sandy Shores Wellness Center.

For people who want to join in only on a per-class basis, Scheurer also offers per-class rates:

  • 30-minute classes – $5.
  • 45-minute classes – $6.
  • 60-minute classes – $7.
  • Punch card – $50 for 10 classes with the 11th class free.

After eight weeks there will be a post-assessment where participants will do the same tests to compare their results to before the fitness challenge to see how much they have improved after taking the classes.

Pre-assessments are taking place until Sept. 14 with classes starting on Monday, Sept. 18. There are a variety of classes that run  Monday through Thursday with the first class each day starting at 8 a.m. All classes are held at the Pigeon Event Center located at 311 S. Main St. in Pigeon.

To register or to ask any questions you can contact Truance by calling 989-453-5213, by emailing [email protected], or by visiting and registering online.


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