Miss Bulgaria 2019 Margo Cooper: Acting is one of the paths I’m taking right now. I chose India with my heart | Hindi Movie News

Miss Bulgaria 2019 Margo Cooper is in Mumbai now. She is here to work in Hindi films. The model has already involved herself in dance, language and fitness classes in Mumbai.

When asked about the time between winning the pageant and now, she says,”I have been focused on my humanitarian project “Compassionate travels.” I released a documentary on street kids in Istanbul, got a Master degree in Fundraising and Charity Marketing in London and shifted to Mumbai. Most importantly, I was living the life and lived every day at its fullest. I am not a strategist, I simply follow my passions and I have many. I just decided that now is the time to express myself to the world through acting. Acting is one of the paths I am taking right now. I chose India with my heart.” Speaking about her love for Hindi films she says,” I like movies based on a true stories and recently watched “Gangubai” by Alia Bhatt. I’m glad that there are movies on this topic because it’s still stigmatized in society. Unfortunately, nowadays millions of underaged girls get trapped into brothels after being sold by their families.”

She also added, “I am just beginning a new chapter of my life in a new place. There are lot of things to learn but its my favourite part of the process. I wouldn’t say that I am building everything from zero because I have a modelling experience of 7 years globally and I have travelled to almost 50 countries. I have been to India multiple times for my humanitarian and modelling work. Now I am working on building my acting profile and getting known as an actor. I am trying to learn more about everyday life of people, local culture and history to understand the mentality better. I will never compare Mumbai and London where I used to live for the past years because I came here to learn and explore.”

Speaking more about Mumbai she adds,”I think like any megapolis it attracts people to try their luck here. For some people Mumbai is a city of dreams that come true, however, for others it is the city of lost hopes. The speed of Mumbai is rapid, you need to think fast to survive here and to be able to use the opportunities. I still see the whole India as a country of opportunities in many fields. And nowadays there are many very well developed and booming cities in India with a great infrastructure and with scientific, learning, business centres.”

The Hindi film industry has seen many beauty pageant winners who gradually turned heroines like Sushmita Sen, Priyanka Chopra, Aishwariya Rai Bachchan, Lara Datta and few more. So do you feel winning pageants and doing films is somehow connected?

“I think that these incredible women would become actresses even if they were not a titleholders and beauty queens. Of course it’s a faster path because of the publicity but many of the winners havnt succeeded at acting career. I want to ruin this misconception because any career, even if it requires some particular looks, is about effort, consistency, determination, hard work, progression, communication, ethics and much more. Beauty pageants can help in terms of publicity but its just one of the many small steps towards doing films. To reach any goal, it is important to do something for it every single day.”


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