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And it’s that time of the year when everyone talks about New Year and new commitments for healthcare and fitness. Many must have taken a resolution for keeping a healthy lifestyle by following gym as a part of life in 2022. But because of rising cases of the deadly virus, people are preferring to be home trained again, in order to keep themselves and their loved ones safe and protected. 

But let me state that this is not the end of the world and there is still hope if you are serious about your commitments this year. Though going out at the gym might look scary, but we can always think of plan B, i.e., getting trained at the comfort of our homes. Indeed, one of the most economical and smart ways to get fit is being trained at our home through the mode of technology. 

There are a number of fitness apps that could help anyone to get back on track, without taking any risk of life. These fitness apps have been there for quite a while, but they actually got the traction when lockdown hit the world in 2020, and people started to find a smarter way to keep themselves healthy during the lockdown. 

The fitness apps allow the user to not only track you with your body size, weight, and order of eating, but they guide you step by step for a workout at home and the right diet chart to follow. Indeed, a good way to start your healthy lifestyle with the comfort of your home and health altogether. 

Here we come with the best fitness apps that could help you get fit at the comfort of your home.


HealthifyMe is a health and fitness app that has gained a lot of traction over the period of time. The platform provides weight loss diet plans along with personal trainers for people who want to get a healthier body. The app can be synced with Google Fit and Samsung Health integration. The app powers the user with the hand wash tracker, workout tracker, sleep tracker, weight loss tracker and calorie tracker. 

Claimed to be India’s best dietitian app, HealthifyMe also includes no-equipment home workout videos for men & women like –Full-body workouts, Yoga – stretching exercises & breathing practices. The platform also has daily challenges with friends to improve fitness and weight loss challenges. Also, the platform enables the user to stick to a diet plan according to the vitals., another fitness app that focuses on fun workouts, mental fitness with yoga & meditation, and medical & lifestyle care. With the philosophy of #BeBetterEveryDay, the app’s main goal is to help people to get physically fit, and follow a lifestyle that may help them to feel better- by eating well and exercising according to the body vitals- which varies from person to person. is physically present across 10+ cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Gurugram and more. And physically the trainer-led group enables people to workout through- Yoga, Boxing, Dance fitness, S&C and more.

But as the app usage is upgrading because of the COVID-19 situation, the home workout with our goal-based Do-it-yourself workout videos or trainer-led live workouts and live fitness videos help the user to follow the fitness regime easily. Users who would like to try the app can sign up for 7 days FREE trial of live workout and yoga sessions to get trained by professional fitness coaches, track your performance in real-time and compete with other users to see who tops the ranking after each session.

Users can opt for three kinds of cultpass that suit the need of the user:

  • cultpass BLACK – Get unlimited access to Cult centres, gyms and live workouts
  • cultpass GOLD – Get unlimited access to gyms and live workouts and limited access to Cult centres
  • Cultpass LIVE – Get unlimited access to a trainer-led live workout video


Cult Bike is a high-end, connected, home fitness platform that aims to integrate different forms of workout and fitness content into a hardware/ product to bring out the best in people. Aiming towards bringing holistic yet challenging workouts in an accessible and efficient format, along with a community to incorporate fitness as a part of our everyday lifestyle.They intend to create innovation in everyday home fitness, encouraging people to come together as a community and create a sense of togetherness, motivating and inspiring each other towards a fitter and better tomorrow.


Aaiena-Fit is a Virtual Lifestyle Coach which is built on an advanced in-built AI-AR technology. The application is designed to track the body’s real-time health by giving accurate body measurements. It helps the users to keep a regular track of their body transformation that ultimately aids in keeping tabs on the health progress on a daily basis. Not only do Aaiena-Fit wish to foster fitness throughout, but also remodels the fitness industry through the latest technology. The app also guides an individual in the diet and exercise plans of the user, along with a daily progress tracker and more.  

Users can track their BMI at an accuracy of 95 – 98% and it gives the exact body size like Shoulder size, waist size, Hip Size, Breast Size and Neck Size etc. Based on the real-time measurement, the app updates the users whether they are overweight or underweight.

After analyzing the details thoroughly, the app not just provides the body measurement but gives insight into the body metabolism by deploying augmented reality. The feature is instrumental in analyzing the type of body structure, based on which it curates an exercise routine, most suited for garnering efficient results for the particular body type.

The app’s customized diet plan under the supervision of nutritionists where insight into the amount of water to be consumed according to the body metabolism is also specified.

Anytime Workout App:

A fitness app that has been designed exclusively for Anytime Fitness Members. This application claims to be highly successful and has reached more than 500,000 installations. The application is very user-friendly and has a lot of workouts to choose from. The app offers a lot of flexibility and value for money to the members as the membership enables the user to redeem extra support provided to them with over 1,100 workouts plans to achieve the fitness goals. 

Available on both Google Play Store and Apple App store, the app also comes with a feature to communicate with their Coach or Personal Trainer (at participating locations; additional fees may apply). Those who would like to try the app first hand can use the trial pass to any gym nearby and the app comes with additional club offers and promotions


Claimed to be the world’s largest health and fitness community platform, Fittr is a tech-enabled community-first health and fitness platform headquartered in Pune. Fittr comes with a number of training formats for fat loss, weight loss, muscle gain or body transformation. The platform has around 500+ Expert Coaches who are capable to create a client’s diet plan and training regimen to suit customers’ fitness goals and mentor them throughout their journey. 

Fittr’s online fitness trainers have transformed the lives of 200,000+ clients and the platform has coaches which can speak multiple languages like Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Oriya, Hindi, Marathi, English (& Russian too).

The app comes with a team of 200 experts PT coaches who provide personal training for Strength & Conditioning, Yoga, Zumba, Martial Arts, Calisthenics & more. 



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