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Elaine LaLanne‘s daily routine is a testament to the power of belief, exercise, and maintaining a positive mindset. At the age of 97, she begins her day with a series of morning exercises even before leaving her bed. These exercises include two-dozen jackknifes and incline push-ups at the bathroom sink. She emphasizes that “twenty minutes a day gets me on my way.”
However, the real source of her strength, she claims, resides above her shoulders.Every morning, she reminds herself to believe in her abilities, which has not only helped her stay physically active through injuries and emotional challenges but has also allowed her to live a life that defies her age.
As told to New York Times, Elaine believes “everything starts in the mind.”

Elaine and fitness

Elaine LaLanne‘s life has been intertwined with the fitness industry for nearly six decades, thanks to her role as the wife and business partner of Jack LaLanne, widely regarded as the father of the modern fitness movement. While Jack was a charismatic showman, Elaine worked diligently behind the scenes, supporting him and managing their expanding fitness empire. This empire included a long-running TV show, fitness gadgets, food products, supplements, and a nationwide gym chain with over 100 locations.

LaLanne's evident fitness

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Since Jack’s passing in 2011, Elaine has emerged as a fitness icon in her own arena. She continues to run her family’s business, BeFit Enterprises, and has authored two books in recent years. Additionally, she is working on a documentary and a feature film with Mark Wahlberg, who will portray Jack.

Elaine’s path to fitness

Raised in Minneapolis, Elaine initially pursued a career in entertainment. However, her life took a different turn when she met Jack LaLanne.
As reported in The New York Times, fitness historian Ben Pollack wrote in 2018, “She blew him off, literally, taking a gratuitous bite of her doughnut and puffing cigarette smoke in his face,” depicting what ensued when Jack chided her for eating a doughnut and smoking.
Eventually, his dedication to whole foods and exercise transformed both of their lives, inspiring Elaine to embrace a healthier lifestyle. She realized that she didn’t want to age prematurely, and this realization fueled her commitment to fitness.
With her television background and Jack’s charisma, they became fitness icons. Elaine’s on-camera appearances made building muscle acceptable for women, and her cheerful disposition became an inspiration to many.

The LaLannes’ early influence on fitness culture

While the LaLannes promoted health and fitness, some of their early messages inadvertently contributed to the birth of contemporary diet culture, emphasizing a thin body and framing ‘fat’ as a problem to overcome.
But, Elaine stands by these messages, stating that they provided viewers with tools and confidence to achieve their goals. However, she acknowledges the importance of today’s more inclusive representation of body sizes on TV.


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