Amazon Prime Day 2023: Best health deals

Amazon Prime Day 2023: Best health deals

<h2 class=”body-h2″>What is Amazon Prime Day?</h2><p>Amazon Prime Day is an annual, two-day shopping event and the retailers biggest sale of the year, with huge reductions across many big-name brands including Simba, Apple, Revlon, Philips, Shark and more.<br></p><p>The flagship shopping event initially started as a one-day celebration of Amazon’s 20th anniversary. But now Prime Day lasts for 48-hours, giving shoppers plenty of opportunity to snap up great bargains across <a href=”” target=”_blank”>parenting</a>, <a href=”” target=”_blank”>headphones</a>, homewares, <a href=”” target=”_blank”>beauty</a>, gifts and more. </p><p>So, if you’re looking to replace your memory foam mattress, treat yourself to a premium coffee machine, upgrade your vacuum cleaner or stock up on high-end beauty products, the two-day sale has you covered.</p><p>The only catch? You will need <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Amazon Prime membership</a> to access the great savings.</p><h2 class=”body-h2″>When is the Amazon Prime Day sale 2023?</h2><p>The Prime Day dates have officially been released by Amazon, and the sale will be taking place Tuesday the 11th of July and Wednesday the 12th of July, with early deals already beginning to drop. </p><h2 class=”body-h2″>How do I get Amazon Prime day deals?</h2><p>Amazon Prime costs £8.99 per month and membership entitles you to free delivery, exclusive access to great films and TV, huge discounts on big-brand products and more.</p><p>If you’re hoping to snap up a bargain but you’re not an Amazon Prime member, worry not. You can sign up for a <a href=”[artid|1939.g.40495859[src|[ch|” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” data-vars-ga-call-to-action=”free 30-day trial” data-product-url=”” data-affiliate-url=”” data-affiliate=”true” data-vars-ga-outbound-link=”” data-vars-ga-product-brand=”” data-vars-ga-product-id=”9d617a80-4597-415d-a750-481f706be3e0″ data-vars-ga-product-price=”0.00″ data-vars-ga-product-sem3-brand=”” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-category=”” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-id=”” data-affiliate-network=”” data-vars-ga-media-type=””>free 30-day trial</a> to access great savings during the shopping event.</p><p class=”body-tip”>Don’t forget to bookmark this page! As we plan to update it with the very best Amazon Prime Day health and wellness discounts as they hit the press. </p><h2 class=”body-h2″>Best Amazon Prime Day deals to shop now</h2><p class=”body-text”>We know that massive sales events like Prime Day can be overwhelming. Where should you look first? How much money can you save? What are the best deals?! </p><p>To save you time and money – from healthy cooking tools to <a href=”” target=”_blank”>blenders</a> and <a href=”” target=”_blank”>beauty</a> products, every year we round up *all* the best Amazon Prime Day deals that we know <em>WH</em> readers will love. While Amazon is yet to start launching their official Prime Day deals, they have got some sales running at the moment that are definitely worth checking out. </p><p>Some of our favourites from the currently running deals include <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>29% off a RENPHO Massage Gun</a>, 29% off a<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”> UREVO exercise bike</a> and 15% off a <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Neezee cross trainer</a>. You can take a look at the rest of the <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>health and fitness deals on Amazon here. </a></p><p>And to give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve also handpicked the best offers from last year’s shopping event below…</p>” />

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