20 Best YouTube workouts that get results

If in your search for the best YouTube workouts, you type ‘best YouTube workouts’ into Google, you’ll be faced with over 103 million results. Woah.

An already booming industry, YouTube home workouts were hot tickets way before lockdown. Then, with everyone forced out of gyms and into their homes, home workout videos went stratospheric in popularity and content creators upped the ante on sharing follow-along sweat sessions.

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If you weren’t pounding the pavement on Strava, you were probably sweating through HIIT home workouts, YouTube yoga, or one of Women’s Health’s YouTube workouts. (Forgive us for the plug but we’ve got some really great fitness videos on there.)

But, with so much choice, it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the workout chaff and become overwhelming. What are the best exercises for a bigger butt and what’s a waste of time? What strength training sessions are suitable for beginners and which aren’t? Can you really do Pilates from home? There are so many questions we know you have, when faced with millions upon millions of options. Fortunately, we’re here to help you out.

From the best warm-up videos to HIIT workouts, strength training classes, yoga flows and cardio home workouts, we’ve got you covered. And, you don’t necessarily need to have masses of time either – the shortest of these workout videos is only five minutes. Less time than it takes to have a cuppa and stretch your legs.

So, roll out your exercise mat, tighten your fitness tracker strap and get ready… it’s time to train, people!


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Best YouTube workouts for warming up

1. Best quick warm-up

  • Duration: 5 minutes
  • Equipment: None

This home workout friendly warm-up begins with two minutes of cardio bodyweight exercises to get your blood pumping followed by some active stretching for functional range of motion. So much goodness all in five minutes!

2. Best pre-HIIT workout warm-up video

  • Duration: 4 minutes
  • Equipment: None

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach himself, shows you the correct way to warm up your whole body pre-HIIT training.

Best YouTube workouts for fat loss

3. Best total-body kettlebell workout

    • Duration: 3 minutes
    • Equipment: Kettlebell

    It’s short but we can’t promise its sweet. This 8-move full-body kettlebell workout will target muscles you didn’t even know existed.

    4. 10-minute full-body fat burning workout

      • Duration: 10 minute
      • Equipment: Stopwatch

      This 10-minute full-body fat-burning workout gets your heart rate up and blood pumping. Basically everything we could want from a short sesh. Thanks, Lean Machines!

      Best HIIT workouts on Youtube

      5. Best beginners HIIT workout

      • Duration: 20 minutes
      • Equipment: Stopwatch

      Join Joe Wicks’ 700,000 YouTube tribe by making this beginner’s HIIT workout your go-to. The great news is that HIIT will work you hard but it can also be tailored to your level of fitness. This one is great for newbies.

      6. Best 6-minute HIIT and abs workout

      • Duration: 6 minutes
      • Equipment: Stopwatch

      Got less than ten minutes to exercise and no equipment? No problem. By performing bodyweight moves in a circuit-style workout you can burn calories and tone your muscles in just minutes.

      Best core and ab workouts on YouTube

      7. Kayla Itsines’ arms and ab workout

      • Duration: 30 minutes
      • Equipment: Exercise mat

      Let Queen of Lean Itsines teach you how to effectively work your arms and core using nothing more than your bodyweight. Like a BBG workout, but not quite – this is an exclusive sweat that Itsines designed for WH last time she was in London. Sigh, the good old days.

      8. Best cardio abs workout

      • Duration: 8 minutes
      • Equipment: Exercise mat

      A mix of core-challenging moves drawn from yoga, strength training and cardio, this workout will test your stamina while developing a rock-solid core. Oh, yes.

      Best lower body YouTube workouts

      9. Best bodyweight glute-lifting home workout

        • Duration: 10 minutes
        • Equipment: None

        She taught you how to sculpt your core, now it’s your bum’s turn. Cassey Ho will teach you how to build strong glutes with targeted body-weight, bum-lifting exercises.

        10. Best kettlebell glute workout

        • Duration: 15 minutes
        • Equipment: Kettlebell

        Mavens of the Youtube workout video, Tone It Up’s kettlebell glute workout is a sure-fire way to get your glutes firing up and feeling the burn. A mixture of single leg work, as well as compounds moves, such as kettlebell squats and swings, this is a great one-piece-of-kit workout that’ll get your blood pumping and muscles working.

        Best upper body YouTube workouts

        11. Best upper body workout by Alice Liveing

        • Duration: 40 minutes
        • Equipment: Dumbbells and a bench/chair

        All things arms. Women’s Health’s very own columnist and former cover star Alice Liveing brings you the best upper body workout for toning and sculpting your arms in just four minutes.

        12. Upper body workout with Sophie Butler

        • Duration: 45 minutes
        • Equipment: Dumbbells

        Building upper-body strength at home is tough but Sophie Butler will show you how to hit all the muscles in your upper body in a focused dumbbell session. She’ll also show wheelchair users how to adapt their training.

        Best full body home workout

        13. 20-minute full-body strength workout

        • Duration: 20 minutes
        • Equipment: Dumbbell

        Building strength without spending hours in the gym. Try Sharika Nelvis’ 20-minute conditioning workout if you don’t believe me. Including explosive and compound circuits crucial to Nelvis’ speed on the track.

        14. Best cardio kettlebell full-body strength workout

        • Duration: 10 minutes
        • Equipment: Light to medium kettlebell (2 – 8kg)

        This full-body kettlebell workout will test your endurance while also strengthening and toning your glutes, arms, abs, and legs. If you find yourself struggling – take a break and hop back in whenever you’re ready.

        Best dance workouts on YouTube

        15. 40-minute cardio dance

        • Duration: 40 minutes
        • Equipment: None

        Shake it up hip-hop style as this dance fitness class gives you a fun, upbeat and vigorous workout, but be prepared to sweat!

        16. Oti Mabuse’s 45-minute dance cardio

        • Duration: 45 minutes
        • Equipment: None

        Join Strictly Come Dancing star Oti Mabuse as she takes you through a fun, challenging dance cardio routine.

        Best yoga workouts on YouTube

        17. Best beginner’s yoga workout

        • Duration: 9 minutes
        • Equipment: Yoga mat

        A must for Yoga newbies who aren’t quite ready to go to a public class just yet. This is an easy to follow introduction to getting zen, and a nice routine to do first thing in the morning.

        18. Best yoga video for upper body strength

        • Duration: 30 minutes
        • Equipment: Yoga mat

        This flow focuses on upper body strength and waking up the abdominal wall, which will leave you feeling stronger and more capable when you step off the mat.

        Best cool down, stretch and recovery videos on YouTube

        19. Best post-workout stretching routine

        • Duration: 10 minutes
        • Equipment: Exercise mat

        How often have you skipped the post-workout stretch to rush on with your day instead -promising that you’ll get in some good muscle releasing after your next session for sure? Yeah, thought so. Well, no more excuses. This easy to follow post-workout stretch routine takes the thought out of it. Just get down to your mat and get going.

        20. Best foam rolling recovery routine

        • Duration: 20 minutes
        • Equipment: Foam roller

        If you have a lone foam roller collecting dust in your cupboard, unused and unloved, then this is the recovery routine for you. Foam rollers are great for triggering deep muscles and working out knotty and sore points that arise from tough workouts and physical exertion. Top tip: try to pause on the super sore areas while the muscle releases. It’s definitely worth the discomfort.

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